Zacatecas: 14 die in confrontation between police and criminal group in Calera

Latin America

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Barret rifles and grenade launcher s were used in the
conflict.  However, 14 criminals were killed in
the confrontation that broke out between the rural area of
​​the Nueva
Alianza and R
ío Frío communities, some 40 kilometers from the
Zacatecan capital.

A group of armed individuals attacked state police in this
municipality. After several hours of the confrontation, the balance was 14
civilians killed, one wounded, three officers injured and the seizure of
weapons and drugs.

The recent events, which occurred on Monday afternoon, add to
the list of attacks that have been targeted by security corporations and that
have worsened since September, among others, with the shooting at the command
in Juan Aldama, where they fell two were in uniform and one was deprived of
liberty, the kidnapping of three municipal officials in Jerez, and the murder
of two state officials in Guadalupe.

The confrontation in Calera began at approximately 3:30 p.m.
in the Nueva Alianza community, some 40 kilometers from the state capital, when
armed civilians attacked elements of the State Preventive Police (PEP), who
were conducting a surveillance tour in the place.

The troops repelled the attack and followed the attackers when
they tried to flee to the upper part of the municipality. The shooting lasted
about three hours, so the head of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP), Arturo
López Bazán, instructed a strong support operation.

Authorities from the three levels of government participated
in the deployment, with officers from the Metropolitan (Metropol) and
Investigation Police, as well as elements from the Mexican Army and the
National Guard. The PEP helicopter joined in to support the uniformed victims
of the attack.

Through a statement, the SSP spokesperson specified that, of
the three wounded police officers, two have injuries from splinters and one
from a firearm; Although it was not specified which security body they belong
to, it emerged that it is the Metropol. Thanks to rapid intervention, they were
taken care of. All the uniformed men are out of danger and in stable health.

In addition to the 14 alleged assailants killed, one more was
injured and was therefore transferred, as a detainee, to receive medical
attention. After the confrontation, authorities seized three vehicles,
including a red Chevrolet Silverado pickup.

They also confiscated eight rifle-type firearms, one of them
fitted with a grenade lance; 23 magazines, 21 caliber 7.62 and two .223;
various types of drugs and “other evidence that is still in the process of
being collected.” Unofficially, it was mentioned that a 50mm Barret was
also secured.

Community residents reported that the detonations were
continuous and very loud. Given the magnitude of the events, López Bazán
ordered that the coordinated deployment between corporations be maintained and
the police presence be reinforced with ground and air patrols.

“With these actions, we endorse the commitment we have with
the Zacatecans to provide security conditions. I am grateful for the support of
the federal and municipal authorities, in solidarity with this aggression, and
I recognize the courage and timely reaction of the comrades to face it, “said the head of the SSP.

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