When her cousin becomes Veracruz prosecutor, “La Jefa” of Los Zetas is released

Latin America

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Left to tight; Veronica, Guadalupe, El Comandante 

Veracruz attorney general, Verónica Hernández was admitted to the Local Congress and happens to be the first cousin of Guadalupe Hernández, better known as “La Jefa”, who is the operator of the criminal group “Los Zetas ” and close to the boss Hernán Martínez Zavaleta , known as “ El Comandante ”.
Now, according to a journalistic investigation by the journalist Gabriel Rasgado, it is pointed out that “La Jefa”, who had been apprehended since 2017, was released only two weeks after Verónica Hernández arrived at the FGE. (state attorneys office)

In addition, it is known that one day before the release of the operator of “Los Zetas”, Alejandro Gertz Manero, head of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), met with Verónica Hernández in Mexico City, I find that  was published in social networks.
For her part, Hernandez said he had no relationship with his cousin, for 30 years, but it is ironic that just a few days after obtaining her position, the operator of “Los Zetas” has been released.

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