VIDEO Villigrán, Gto: CJNG Kidnaps Judge and 4 Cops, 3 More Shot Dead Plus 2 Wounded

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          Flames, death and horror: CJNG “Elite” claimed the attack on the Villagrán police station:

The incident left three agents dead and the kidnapping of four elements, among which are a qualifying judge. According to the first reports, the armed men arrived at the facilities aboard at least three vans.

Guanajuato is still on fire. On Wednesday night, at least 15 alleged hitmen of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) entered the police headquarters of the municipality of Villagrán and shot at the agents, leaving a balance of three dead and two wounded. VIDEO UP Next:
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Despite the fact that the police requested support from the State Security Forces and corporations from neighboring municipalities, such as Celaya, the hitmen managed to take four elements, including a qualifying judge.
In the count of the damages, the authorities of Guanajuato announced that an armed group arrived at the property and indiscriminately fired high-caliber weapons, killing three elements of the Villagrán Police, two men and one woman, as well as injuring a fourth element, who is receiving medical attention and is reported stable.
The State Prosecutor appointed a cell of the Unit specialized in Homicide Investigation of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office C to lead the multidisciplinary work.
In this place, criminal experts located multiple long-armed percussive caps, a military-type explosive grenade and two rustic-made, integral, as well as other indications that will be submitted to the corresponding evidence and will help clarify the fact.
When fleeing, the hitmen set a torton truck on fire on the highway bridge, at the height of the community of Sarabia, to block the access road to the facilities of the 16th Military Zone. In addition, the access road to the municipality was full of “ponchallantas” , ie tire puncturing strips,  and at least five vehicles could be seen with the tires damaged.
Kilometers later, in the community of Valtierrilla, Salamanca, a narco blanket was discovered, allegedly signed by the “Elite Group” of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.
After the attack, the facilities of the Municipal Police of Villagrán, were shielded by security elements of the three levels of security.
Just a few hours ago, four bags with human remains inside bags were found, just outside the municipality of Villagrán, Guanajuato near Sanabría. The dismembered bodies outside Villagrán are thought be the 4 kidnapped from the Police headquarters by CJNG , although no Official Authorities has confirmed this fact yet.
It is feared that the finding is that of four police officers and the Control Judge will be deprived of their freedom on Wednesday, after the armed attack against the Police Command Center of that municipality. 
The Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel CJNG Elite has claimed responsibility for the armed aggression through a narcomanta and videos published on social networks . 
The bleak discovery of the remains was recorded on the side of the Pan-American Highway , where there was also a card and a blanket with a threatening message to a criminal group.
Just Tuesday, the municipal president of Villagrán, Juan Lara Mendoza, said his municipality was the safest in Guanajuato.

Note: I just read he has “fled” Villagrán in search of the Governor.

Last March, state authorities arrested two nephews of Mayor Mendoza, during an operation to capture José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, “El Marro”, leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel. On that occasion, the mayor acknowledged that the detainees were his nephews.
The Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, a criminal organization that is mainly engaged in fuel theft, known as “huachicoleo” and extortion, is in control of this area and wars with the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación, which has led the entity to live in an unprecedented span of violence.
Villagrán is one of the 19 municipalities of Guanajuato that form the industrial corridor of the state, through which the Mexican Petroleum pipelines connected to the Salamanca Refinery cross.
Guanajuato is one of the most important industrial centers in Mexico as it concentrates large global manufacturers of cars, airplanes and other heavy manufactures.
These activities, as well as the presence of important energy infrastructure, attract criminal organizations that, in addition to drug trafficking, engage in activities such as extortion, kidnapping and fuel theft.

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