Silao Guanajato: Marro sends a message to Silao Police and Sec of security after the killing of 3 police

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Marro’s third video sent in 10 days, He says they tried to stop his mother as she exited prison…. “El Marro” mentions that they did not count on him already transferring the women to another car.” 

Se atribuye El Marro asesinato de tres policías en Silao 

On June 29, four elements of Public Safety in the municipality including a commander were ambushed by a commando while patrolling near the La Joya shopping center in Silao, of which three policemen died and one more was seriously injured.

Subsequently, the elements that entered on duty refused to go on surveillance tours. Hours later in a press release, it was announced that they would only go out to work under greater security conditions.

It was around 1:30 in the morning when the elements identified as Julio, Antolín, Eduardo and Francisco were in two patrols along Silao Avenue, located next to the shopping plaza. After the detonations, near the scene, they called the emergency services and these once on the scene, officers confirmed that two of the uniformed men were deceased, they administered  first aid to the other two and they were transferred to the hospital with one dying on the way.

Hours after the statement that the police corporations of the municipality of Silao issued in Facebook groups an edited video began to circulate with audio of who is presumably José Antonio Yépez Ortiz. In the video, at least one SUV-type truck and a car with public safety features can be seen in the background.
In the audio, you can hear from the beginning who the audio was for, describing the reasons that gave rise to the attack.
He mentions Alvar Cabeza de Vaca, the Secretary of Public Security, blaming him for the arrest his family members. To the Secretary of Public Security of the State, he threatened to attack other elements of the Silao and León police, if they continue to “work with ‘Los Jaliscos'”. In the video “El Marro”, allegedly attributed the murder of the police last Monday morning, for harassing his mother by mounting blockade and stopping the vehicle that his mother had boarded when exiting the Cereso de Puentecillas.
The recording shows an SUV type truck in gray with the doors open and elements of the

Police who are reviewing it, edited with the alleged voice of “El Marro”, who uses language similar to that used in two videos that he broadcast after the arrest of his mother, María Eva Ortiz, his sister, and a niece on June 20 in San Isidro Elguera, Celaya. 

“El Marro” mentions that they did not count on him already transferring the women to another car. The mention of the murdered policemen are this: “We left them there, the assholes, at night and that way they will be left with the balls of the motherfuckers in the municipalities that want to lend to the blowjob.”
Among all, this is the third video message that is made in the name of José Antonio Yépez Ortiz on social networks in less than 10 days.

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