Selangor still has highest number of influenza cases among schoolchildren

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KUALA LUMPUR: Selangor still has the highest number of schoolchildren infected with influenza, with 863 cases of Influenza A and H1N1 recorded to date.

Selangor State Education Director Mahanom Mat Sam said the cases were recorded in 278 schools involving 10 locations.

She said the district with the highest number of cases was Petaling Perdana with 231 cases, followed by Klang (154), Petaling Utama (113) and Sepang (102).

“Gombak recorded 88 cases, followed by Hulu Langat (85), Kuala Langat (27), Hulu Selangor (20), Sabak Bernam (nine) and Kuala Selangor (eight).

“All the victims have received treatment at nearby clinics and hospitals and reported to be stable. Those who were warded and monitored at the hospital have also been allowed to return home and were given three to seven days of medical leave,” she said in a statement on Monday (Jan 20).

However, no classes or schools in Selangor were ordered to close.

In Penang, State Education Director Abdul Rashid Abdul Samad said 226 pupils in 110 primary and secondary schools have been infected to date, compared to 198 cases from 96 schools recorded last Friday.

“A total of 181 students from 87 primary schools and 45 students from 23 secondary schools in the state have been infected with influenza to date, seven of them receiving hospital treatment while the others are in quarantine at their homes,” he said.

Apart from the students, he said seven teachers from four primary schools and three secondary schools were also infected, with four of them receiving hospital treatment.

Meanwhile, Abdul Rashid Abdul Samad said a Year Two class at SJKC Kai Chee in Sungai Dua, Butterworth, was closed from Monday until Jan 26, after four students were infected.

“In addition, the preschool class at SK Pinang Tunggal, Kepala Batas was also closed from Friday (Jan 17) to Jan 23, while two Year 2 classes at the SJKC Li Hwa which was closed since Jan 8, were reopened today,” he told Bernama.

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In Perak, a State Education Department spokesman said the number of students infected as of Monday was 103, up from 99 cases recorded on Sunday.

However, SM Sains Teluk Intan (Semesti) in the Bagan Datuk district was reopened on Monday after being closed since last week, when 10 students were found to be infected with Influenza A.

In Pahang, 65 cases of influenza were reported to the State Education Department on Monday, up from 56 cases last week.

Its director, Dr Tajuddin Mohd Yunus, said they involved 53 pupils of primary schools, five pre-school children, five secondary school students and two teachers.

“The area most affected is Kuantan involving 28 students, including one from secondary school and a preschooler.”

Tajuddin said another teacher in Cameron Highlands had also been diagnosed with influenza, but no classes or schools were closed so far as all those involved had been quarantined at home or were being treated in hospital.

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In Kedah, 65 students and teachers in 39 primary and secondary schools were infected as of Monday, according to State Education and Human Resources Committee chairman Dr Salmee Said.

“The (number of) influenza cases in the state has not reached a level that requires classes or schools to be closed. In terms of school managements, they will act according to the Standard Operating Procedures in place, including in the aspects of hygiene,” she said, adding that the situation was under control with continued monitoring by the Ministry of Health.

In Sabah, State Education Director Mistirine Radin said 12 primary schoolchildren were infected with Influenza A as of last Friday.

“However, everything is under control. They (schoolchildren) are being treated in hospital,” she told reporters after observing the implementation of the Enhanced Supplementary Food Programme (ESFP) at SK Kebagu in Kota Kinabalu.

In Johor, 138 students were found to have shown influenza-like symptoms as of Sunday.

State Education, Health and Human Resources Committee chairman Aminolhuda Hassan said the situation is still under control with those having the symptoms being advised not to come to school and seek medical treatment.

“It is best for children who have fever or cough not to come to school to prevent them from spreading the disease to their classmates and others,” he told reporters after launching the Johor Bahru District Schools Influenza Prevention Campaign, at SK Taman Damai Jaya on Monday.

Aminolhuda said so far, all the pupils were only suspected of contracting influenza, and there had been no confirmation from hospitals as yet.

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