Provo police warn residents to watch out for sick raccoons

USA Utah News

Provo police are warning residents to stay away from raccoons and update their pets’ shots after a spate of canine distemper cases in recent months.

“Over the past six months we have received a number of reports of sick or injured raccoons in the city,” police wrote on Wednesday. “Almost all of these raccoons have been sick with canine distemper.”

Police ask residents to keep an eye out for raccoons with symptoms, such as runny noses and eyes, disorientation, and scaly or cracked paws. The raccoons may appear to be wandering aimlessly. Residents may report sick raccoons to 801-852-6210.

“While we want to assure you that these raccoons are not rabid and not contagious to humans, citizens should by no means approach or touch these animals under any circumstances,” police wrote.

Dogs, however, are susceptible to the disease, police wrote. Pet owners should make sure their dogs are up to date on their canine distemper shots.

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