Los Viagras regional boss ‘El Señor del Sombrero’ arrested in Michoacán

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Salvador Oliveros Reséndiz, eyes blurred by Mexican officials

Salvador Oliveros Reséndiz, also known by his aliases “El Señor del Sombrero” and/or “Don Chavita”, was arrested by state authorities in Gabriel Zamora, Michoacán.

He was one of the priority targets of the federal and state government and is wanted for murder, kidnapping, extortion and drug trafficking. Authorities stated he was the regional boss of Los Viagras in Charapendo, a community in the municipality of Gabriel Zamora. He worked closely with Gildardo Sánchez Aguilar (“Don Gil”).

A week ago, residents from the rural community of Múgica attacked the Mexican Army and forced them to leave the area. In the attack, they released three people, including Los Viagras regional boss Don Gil. Los Viagras is a spin-off group of the Knights Templar Cartel and is currently competing against the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) for control of Michoacán.

Arrest details and background

At the moment of his arrest, Oliveros Reséndiz was driving a white Volkswagen through the Uruapan toll-free highway. The police mounted an operation to arrest him but Oliveros Reséndiz tried to escape in his vehicle. He was later arrested and placed under federal custody. Investigators discovered he had several firearms and ammunition in his vehicle.  
Oliveros Reséndiz’s arrest came days after residents from Múgica, Michoacan, attacked members of the Mexican Army following the arrest of three people. This incident occurred on 23 March 2020.
Multiple residents blocked the roads in the rural community of Lombardia and held a standoff with the Army at their barracks for over 10 hours. Armed with sticks and rocks, the residents told them to leave the area and release the three people they had in their custody. “We will give you 10 minutes to leave and release the [three] young men”, one of the residents told the soldiers.

When the Army left the area, the residents stormed their barracks and stole and burned several of their belongings. Among the three men who were released was Don Gil, the suspected regional boss of Los Viagras in Gabriel Zamora.

Note: Multiple sources were used for this report. For better readability, they were linked in the body paragraphs above. Most of the sources are from outlets in Michoacán, Mexico.

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