Live: India takes first-innings lead in final session of day two at MCG


77th over – Green will continue


0-25 off 9 overs for Green so far, Jadeja is 21 from 57.


He adds a single first up to get off strike.


There have been moments from Green, but he’s not really threatened so far today.


Some shape away from the right hander, but not enough to beat the outside edge. No run though.


Way outside off from Green, Rahane (71 off 156) does not go near it.


The shape is good from Green, but it’s too wide to tempt Rahane.


He’s bowling at 136kph, and goes a bit straighter this time, but Rahane just fends it away.


He finally gets a good line and length, but Rahane fends away for no run.

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