Live: Australia rocking early on Boxing Day as Steve Smith goes for a duck


45th over – Umesh Yadav will keep coming to Labuschagne, who’s farmed the strike well since Green has come in.


Good ball from Yadav, Marnus fends into the off side for no run.


He crosses his hands a little in playing the next, straight ball down the ground with a straight bat.


A bit too straight, aiming at the ribs of Marnus, who leaps and fends the ball downwards into the leg side.


A 140kph short ball is fended down to the pitch with minimal fuss.


Fuller, aiming for off stump, and Marnus defends with a straight bat.


HUGE appeal off the final ball of the over, India are keen on reviewing this I think… although they’ve run out of time to do so. Looked a bit leggy, if there was no touch with the bat…


Yadav was very keen, and gave a solid double teapot, but it was proven to be missing high and down leg side – albeit not by much.

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