Ecatepec, Edomex: Zona Rika Vocalist Jaime Cruz Killed Over Probable Drug Debt

Latin America

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A possible drug debt or a contract that wasn’t fulfilled, the FGJEM asserts as a possible motive for the murder Friday night of Jaime Cruz. He was the vocalist of the Merengue Zona Rika music group.

The FGJEM reported that according to initial investigations, the well-known singer had already fallen into the underworld of drugs. His addiction was so strong that he purposely fell into to debt with many people in order to satisfy his craving. He eventually lost interest in his work as well as his family.

They pointed out that according to family testimonies of the vocalist, Jaime was no longer interested in anything. The only thing he wanted was to have drugs to satisfy his addiction and for this he was in heavy debt. “He owed everyone, everyone was looking for him to get paid”. 

We believe that was the reason why he was murdered. In addition to this he was also stealing money from different businessmen. He would promise to play at an event, charge them in advance. And on the day of the event simply didn’t show up because his vice wouldn’t allow it. 

After so many conflicts, said the Prosecutor’s Office, last Friday night there was someone who no longer put up with the vocalist. And had him killed for his many debts.

Jaime Cruz Pastrana, the vocalist of the merengue group known as Zona Rika, was shot by two men. They shot him 15 times from a motorcycle while he was traveling in a white Ford Ecosport on Quintana Roo Avenue. In the San Pablo de las Salinas neighborhood, the municipality of Tultitlán, in the company of his romantic partner.

“We were driving in our vehicle, when suddenly out of nowhere two guys on a motorcycle drove out in front of us. They shot at Jaime repeatedly,” the woman told the police.

After being shot at 13 times, the woman added, the criminals quickly fled on their motorcycle. The police have no leads on their identity or whereabouts.

Jimmy’s wife, the vocalist stage name, asked the police for help. He was still showing vital signs. Once the paramedics arrived minutes later, they certified that the 52-year-old male had already died.

The crime scene was cordoned off by elements of the National Guard and the state police. Afterwards the body was transferred to the forensic medical service of the Tultitlán justice center.

The FGJEM continues its investigations, in order to establish exactly what the motive of the crime was. And apprehend those responsible to close this case.

Several years ago, an attorney for Zona Rika was also executed, another crime that still remains unsolved.

Members of other musical groups such as Merenglass and Los Askis, through social networks, lamented the murder of Jaime Cruz and demanded that the authorities solve this crime.

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