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A closer look at the stats since January 27th:
Of the 351 deaths in the U.S. from coronavirus, 318 are from seven states,  
Including: New York, 117 Washington State 95, California 30, Georgia 23, Louisiana 20, New Jersey 20, Florida 13.
The remaining 33 deaths are from 26 states.  All having single digits totals. 
17 states have not reported deaths.

Puerto Rico reports 1 death

NOTE: Virus is not airborne, only transmitted by “respiratory droplets”  from a sneeze or cough.  These droplets do not hand in the air , hence the 6 foot distance recommendation. 

Malaria Drug shows promise

Between early and mid-March, 20 patients were treated with 600 milligrams of hydroxychloroquine daily in a hospital setting. Depending on their symptoms, an antibiotic known as azithromycin was also added to the treatments. This antibiotic is known to be effective against complications from bacterial lung disease. Another 16 remaining patients were not given the drug as a control.
The results indicate a productive therapeutic remedy, that both shorten the life of the virus and the voracity.   By the administration removing the regulations normally imposed this brings the treatment in the hands of treating physicians.  This is called using a medication “off label.”   Additionally important, by lifting regulations  insurers will cover the cost.
Thousands cheer the Vive Latino festival in Mexico City, Saturday, March 14, 2020.

In this fluid story of the corona virus, I was asked to create a forum by which BB followers could ask questions and provide information.

I will give this a go and see what happens.  No political or unproven information will make the cut.  

As many of you know, my husband has been in China during this time. I have been commenting about the status of China.  He is fine, bored but fine.  He reports life returning to normal. Traffic, factory operations becoming normal.  It is still against regulations/law to go outdoors without a mask. 

Speaking of masks.  Health professionals have said we don’t need them, but that view is changing..  It is more important to distance ourselves, and wash hands, was hands, wash hands. However those with underlying medical issues, autoimmune deficiency, heart, kidney problems, diabetes etc should wear a mask as well as  first responders and medical personnel. 

If you have a need, wear N95.  Anything else is completely useless.

China claims production is now returned to 90%.  My husband says, based on his industry that it is more accurate at 70%. However, even a 70% number is positive.  Keep in mind, China also has massive AI manufacturing plants that operate 24/7…even in the dark.  That is something the U.S. must incorporate stateside to fortify American manufacturing.  It is not an option, or we will increase our dependency on China and India.
China has been building a global artificial intelligence empire, leaving everyone including the U.S. in its wake.  From farming to autos, and everything in between, they have gained tremendous dominance over the world. 

We must not allow any nation to have the capability of holding the U.S. hostage because of our overwhelming reliance on their production of our medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. 


In China there are no depletion of household items and food.  Because citizens are not hoarding, but rather they are shopping as they normally do.  Medial masks are the exception.  But even those are now available.
My niece is an executive of a large food chain.  They are working double shifts.  They have ordered their market chains to open special hours for seniors only. Quite dilatory I say.  She does say in 2 weeks supplies will be back per normal.
To give you an idea how much over buying is occurring….a normal intake per day for markets are around 200k, during this crisis it is over a million.  Please think of the seniors living on the once a month SS checks, or single parents living paycheck to paycheck and others who can’t go out and drop 1 to 4 thousand on hoards that deplete the supply.
Cases spread across the country with concentrations in NY, California and Washington State
If you know someone in your life or a neighbor that may be affected, share, and help them.  I spent the last 2 days doing just that.   I buy on Amazon by subscription every 3 or 4 months and just rec a shipment when this happened.  Therefore I was in toilet paper, paper towel heaven, plus detergents, coffee, pasta, beans etc etc etc.  I have been sharing. 
Drive through testing is now available.   If your doc orders one.
The early tests in other countries had a high percent of false positives.  The ones in the US have a high degree of accuracy and new ones have a turnaround time in hours.  By Trump opening the test development to private enterprise and cancelling old regulations, pharma and lab companies were able to respond quickly to the need.
Fear drives all things negative.  Calm down, don’t listen to social media, or even the news, I go to the source each day, to these websites:
Today Mexico is beginning to put in place restrictions. However AMLO said he did not feel the need for community distancing.  Just days ago a massive Vive Latino festival in Mexico City, was held on Saturday, March 14, 2020.

Mexico has no deaths from the virus as of today. Which is good news, as they are woefully underprepared to cope with the virus becoming  widespread. Their underfunded and failed health system would collapse quickly with a strain of widespread transmission.

Mexico has some private health systems and hospitals but mostly it is an universal healthcare system that is fragile and vulnerable, and financially weak.
This week China has threatened to withhold ingredients the U.S. needs for the manufacturing of medications.  90% comes from China and India, mostly China.  A top level official says China can “Throw the U.S. into the sea of the coronavirus.” (South China Morning Post)  President Trump was asked about this and he was firm in his answer “they will not do that”…as to say they don’t dare.   These nasty tidbits come from China president Xi’s surrogates.  But be assured the message comes from the top in a way to send a message or test the waters.
Trump met with insurance companies last week.  They and Medicare agreed to override usually scheduling so that people could get an “emergency” 3 month supply of meds.  Please assure that those most vulnerable in your life knows this.

Typically, insurance companies have a schedule of 30 to 90 days when you can renew.  For example for 30 day supply refills will not be approved before the 26th day.  Now however that will be waived.  I was able to get my aunts emergency supply yesterday.

Mexico City has 82 confirmed cases

If you are a senior with underlying medical issues you are most targeting by this virus.  The average age of death is high 70s.  If you are younger but have a medical issue you also are in danger.

I convinced my 89 yr old aunt to self-quarantine.  This after having to explain what the coronavirus is.   “I wondered what they were talking about”  (she refuses to wear her hearing aids) She is the second oldest of the Martínez Clan.  Make sure the elders in your life are watched and cared for.
Telehealth Excerpt:
Medicare coverage and payment of virtual services

Under President Trump’s leadership, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has broadened access to Medicare telehealth services so that beneficiaries can receive a wider range of services from their doctors without having to travel to a healthcare facility. These policy changes build on the regulatory flexibilities granted under the President’s emergency declaration. CMS is expanding this benefit on a temporary and emergency basis under the 1135 waiver authority and Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act. The benefits are part of the broader effort by CMS and the White House Task Force to ensure that all Americans – particularly those at high-risk of complications from the virus that causes the disease COVID-19  – are aware of easy-to-use, accessible benefits that can help keep them healthy while helping to contain the community spread of this virus.  

Updated ICE statement on COVID-19
Statement attributable U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement:

 ensure the welfare and safety of the general public as well as officers and agents in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will temporarily adjust its enforcement posture beginning today, March 18, 2020. ICE’s highest priorities are to promote life-saving and public safety activities. 

Consistent with its sensitive locations policy, during the COVID-19 crisis, ICE will not carry out enforcement operations at or near health care facilities, such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, accredited health clinics, and emergent or urgent care facilities, except in the most extraordinary of circumstances. Individuals should not avoid seeking medical care because they fear civil immigration enforcement.  Last Reviewed/Updated: 03/18/2020

Previous headline bullet points:
  • A Treasury Department proposal sent to lawmakers calls for $250 billion in direct payments to Americans starting April 6, with another $250 billion round on May 18. Each check is for the amount of 1000. 
  • Trudeau and Trump jointly agree to close Canada-US border to all except cargo.
  • Kansas closed schools for the remainder of school year
  • Don’t be alarmed as case numbers climb dramatically,  backlog is being processed through “high input rapid result” testing.
  • New “Self Test” is coming
  • BREAKING: California’s governor on Thursday issued a statewide “stay at home order” Governor Gavin Newsom said that modeling has shown that 56 percent of California residents were expected to contract CV over the next eight weeks.  He said LA,  the second-largest city, would likely be “disproportionately impacted” 
  • Emergency relief for working class proposed; Earners under 100k will rec 2 checks beginning of April, 1000-1200 plus 500 for dependents.  Mid May second set of checks will go out. Size depends on income.   Sent by U.S. Treasury. May repeat with a second round of checks TBD
  • Malaria Drug for Coronavirus has been approved by FDA-hydroxychloroquine has been effective therapeutically against CV.
  • Italy surpasses China with most CV deaths at 3400 Case numbers seemingly skyrocket, is due to new rapid test processing, one day numbers actually represent 5 or 6 days
  • 50% cases from 3 states; NY, California and Washington, from 10 counties
  • MEXICO’S first reported deaths from CDMX and Durango, the first attended music festival, second returned from California

    FIRST DEATH IN MX OF CV ATTENDED MUSIC FESTIVAL: The Mexican Secretary of Health announced this Wednesday the first death in the country of a patient infected with the coronavirus. This is a 41-year-old man who had been admitted to a hospital in the capital March 9th.The victim suffered from diabetes and, according to his family, he had attended a rock concert last March 3 at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City. 

    DURANGO MAN SECOND DEATH IN MEXICO-AFTER RETURN FROM CALIF: The Ministry of Health confirmed the second death from coronavirus, on Thursday 3.19.20, a man in Durango, and reported 39 new cases, bringing the total to 203 infected in the country. 74 yr old with years of hypertension. He returned to Mex from California on March 3rd became ill on 15th, died on 19th. Mex gov is insisting the body be cremated.
    United States 350,000,000 population: 19,624 cases 276 Deaths–50 from 1 Seattle nursing home CDC reorts: 99.3% will recover…..1st U.S. case 1.27.20-. Global deaths 12,201 in 286,000 cases and 99,100 recovered (3.21.20)

    JESSICA JOHANNA OSEGUERA GONZALES, daughter of El Mencho, has requested bail due to the coronavirus.

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