Yuriria, Guanajuato: CJNG Leaves a Dismembered Man With a Manta

Latin America

Yuriria, Guanajuato – During the first hours of this Tuesday, December 3, the body of a dismembered man was abandoned in the town square of the community of Cerano, located at the west of the municipal seat of Yuriria.
It was in the early hours of the day, when they noticed the body that was torn apart in the vicinity of the main temple, next to the newly placed letters with the name of the community. Next to the head, an organized crime message was located.
Police elements arriving to the place requested the presence of the Ministerial authorities to carry out the expert work of law.
Manta reads as follows:

Here lies your little toy halcón. This will be the fate of all those who support the people that don’t respect our enterprise. Jesus Avila we’re coming after you. As well as your thieves, murderers of innocents and all those who’re stealing from the treasury of Colonia Cerano. This plaza will be respected. Sincerely, CJNG

WARNING: Image of dismemberment below no other text

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