Video: Woman with the Israelis when executed, is suspected of setting them up for the hit

Latin America

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Radio Formula

The blonde woman who was eating with Azulay Alon  and  Ben Sutchi when they were executed, has been identified. She was with the men at  an establishment in Artz Pedregal Plaza.
At first she was identified as Vanessa Bayer , aka “La Wera”; However, her real name is  Vanessa Ballar Fallas, of Mexican origin, who is considered a centerpiece to clarify the double murder of Israelis, Ciro Gómez Leyva reported.
Meanwhile, her photograph is already part of the Interpol alert issued by the Mexican authorities to find her anywhere in the world.

It should be remembered that Vanessa Ballar fled through the kitchen of the restaurant where Azulay Alon  and  Ben Sutchi were killed, accompanied by a man.

On the other hand, it is suspected that “La Wera” would have set up  the Israelis, so she would also be complicit in the murderers. At the time of the attack, the victims were  closing a deal for heavy weapons.

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