Utah CEO reported missing in San Jose, family speaks out

USA Utah News

SAN JOSE (KRON) — The last time anybody possibly saw Erin Valenti was around the Alamaden Valley neighborhood in South San Sose.

Her family says her phone was last pinged in this area.

Valenti, CEO of Tinker, a Utah based tech company went missing Monday.

She was in Palo Alto for a business trip and was heading to San Jose airport but never made her flight back home to Utah.

And — never returned her rental car.

“She told me she was driving around because the GPS wasn’t working,” Agnes Valenti, Erin’s mother said.

Her mom was the last one to speak to her on the phone.

“There’s no phone activity and my daughter was very techy and always on the phone,” Agnes said. “And no credit card activity so we don’t know what’s happened and we can’t find her or the car.”

Valenti’s rental car was a gray Nissan Murano with California plates.

Her family hopes flyers in stores, gas stations, along with neighbors, where they tracked her phone, passing out flyers hoping to find her.

San Jose police is calling this a voluntary missing person case.

The family disagrees and tells us Valenti travels often and had no signs of mental illness or substance abuse but seemed to be distraught on the night she went missing.

“I think that they were missing that she was acting very vulnerable,” Valenti’s husband, Harrison Weinstein said. “Very out of sort, everything she said was she was planning on coming home, she was trying to get home.”

Valenti is described as approximately 5-foot-4, weighing a hundred fifty pounds, blue eyes and blonde hair.

She was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and torn jeans.

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