The son and former lover of the late Tony Tormenta, one of the leaders of the cdg

Latin America

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Circulating through social media is a photograph reportedly of Ana Mireles, who was the  lover of the late Capo Antonio Ezequiel Cárdenas Guillen Alias ​​Tony Tormenta, one of the leaders of the Cartel Del Golfo.
The man who appears with her is the son of Tormenta who resides lives in Reynosa and is in charge of kidnappings and money laundering for CDG in Matamoros.

In 2010 Tormenta was gunned down in a day long shoot out with 660 federal forces. The entire week in November of 2010 Matamoros was plagued with unimaginable violence, murders, bus kidnappings, blockades, shootouts, building burnings,  such as the city had not seen before. The city was thrown into chaos and panic, as armed men flooding the streets in pickup truck beds shooting weapons. It became almost impossible for residents to move around the city.

And most of the event was not reported or under reported.
The official statement by The Secretary of the Navy, was that a total of 660 military marines were deployed in the operation, and of these, 150 were in the first circle of action, supported by three helicopters and 17 armored vehicles.
In the gunfight four gunmen were killed that allegedly belonged to the inner circle of protection to “Tony Tormenta.” Also killed were three marines while four others were wounded, said the Navy said in a statement.

It was the beginning of a severe narco news blackout in the state of Tamaulipas and the birth of the social media alert and news circulation movement, beginning with #ReynosaFollow and #ReynosaSDR.  The system developed into an effective nationwide movement to warn and report news.

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