Small Plane Crashes in Guatamala, Contents: 171 Kilos of Coke and 2 Dead Mexicans

Latin America

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Guatemala: The lifeless bodies of two Mexicans were found among the remains of a plane that crashed on the border of Guatemala ; The aircraft was loaded with 171 kilos of cocaine, the National Civil Police reported .

The aircraft was found on the Rancho Dulce Tecales I farm within the municipality of Santo Domingo , in Guatemala.

“Inside were two dead people and 171 packages of cocaine,” a policeman said on his Twitter account.

According to Guatemalan authorities , 520 US dollars and 4,420 Mexican pesos were also found.

The deceased were identified as the Mexican Miguel Jesús Ramírez Aguirre and Octavio León Pinto.

According to Televisa News, a second plane was found burnt on a clandestine runway between the Las Pilas and Nueva Candelaria communities , in the southern department of Retalhuleu, near the southern coast of Guatamala.

Near that jet, 30 packages of cocaine, four vehicles, a van, a tractor and lighting equipment were found. In this case, no deaths or injuries were found. The authorities confiscated the drug packages found in both events and continue the investigations.

The burned plane in Guatemala supposedly used by drug trafficking: The Army said that through the radar of the Guatemalan Air Force (FAG) they detected the trace of an illicit flight between Sunday night and early Monday morning. The new plane was found at the La Confianza estate, in the municipality of La Gomera , in the southern department of Escuintla. 
After the discovery, Air Force helicopters made an overflight on Monday and located the aircraft, but when the authorities on the ground arrived at the site, the plane was already burned because a group of strangers placed mounds of dirt to prevent the passage of military units.
During this year, according to the Ministry of Defense, at least nine aircraft allegedly used by drug trafficking have been located in various regions of Guatemala .
                                Two vehicles were seized during the operation, among others.
On June 23, the Air Force radars detected an illegal flight in the airspace of the Caribbean department of Izabal, where Army soldiers were displaced.
When the military arrived at the Mallorca farm in the village of Chichipate, in the municipality of El Estor , there was an armed confrontation and the alleged drug trafficker Jorge Flavio Monzón was killed.
         Dead after confrontation w Guatamalan Military on June 23, 2019: Jorge Flavio Monzón
Due to its geographical position, Guatemala is used as a bridge by international cartels that transfer drugs from South America to the United States.
During the 2019 period, anti-narcotics agents have seized some 12 tons of cocaine in the Central American country , while between 2016 and 2018 some 45,000 kilos were seized .

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