Salt Lake mall blaze: Fire department to seek safety details

USA Utah News

KOLKATA: A day after a basement fire ravaged several cars and bikes at a Salt Lake shopping mall, state fire services department said they are issuing a notice to the proprietors of the mall to furnish a list of fire safety measures they had in place at the building. Depending on the list the next course of action would be initiated.
“We are issuing a formal notice to the mall authorities asking them to provide a detailed list of fire safety measures in place at the mall. Once they provide us a list, we will conduct an inspection and enquiry and depending on the report next course of action against the authorities will be decided. So far, we have asked them to keep the basement out of bounds,” said Jag Mohan, the director general of fire services.
The officer said the fire services’ officers will conduct the enquiry after a team of state forensic sciences department officials visit the place and collect samples from the seat of fire at the second basement of the building on Saturday.
Meanwhile, the mall authorities kept the mall shut through the day. “Power supply to the building has got disconnected. The lines need to be repaired before electricity can be restored. Also, we waited all day for a clear instruction from the cops and fire department on which areas can be kept open and what to cordon off but there was no instruction from the authorities,” said Sunny Singh, the mall manager.
As a result, several shop owners of the building, whose offices and shops are on the upper floors, which were not affected, also could not resume their business. “
The authorities, however, allowed those who had their vehicles parked in the basement to enter the lower floors. At least three cars and several bikes were damaged.

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