Salt Lake City’s airport saw a big boost in travelers and the rise is expected to continue for years

Utah News

Eight airports in Utah offer scheduled commercial passenger service. But Salt Lake City International Airport gobbles up 98% of that business.

Meanwhile, all other airports in Utah combined had 286,860 boardings, meaning Salt Lake City had 43 times as many.

Officials often double the number of boardings to estimate how many people also depart planes to figure how many total passengers pass through an airport. That would be about 24.5 million in Salt Lake City last year.

Salt Lake City International was designed to handle about 10 million total passengers a year, which is why it is building a new $3.6 billion airport essentially on top of its existing facility. The first phase is scheduled to open in September 2020.

Salt Lake City International currently offers 378 daily departures to 98 nonstop destinations. About 70% of its flights are operated by Delta Air Lines, which uses Salt Lake City as a hub. The airport is also served by nine other airlines and their affiliates: AeroMexico, Alaska, American, Frontier, JetBlue, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Skywest, Southwest and United.

Here’s a look at passenger service at Utah’s other airports:

• St. George Regional Airport: It had 123,060 boardings last year, up 18.8%. But those numbers will drop dramatically this year because it is closed for four months to replace its runway damaged because of underlying clay that has expanded at varying rates.

When the airport reopens in September, it is expected to offer service from Allegiant, American, Delta and United airlines.

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