Ovidio Guzmán ‘ordered’ feds to free his girlfriend at AICM … she had with her at least two kilos of cocaine

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Oops he did it again…. Ovidio Guzmán ‘ordered’ feds to free his girlfriend at AICM … she had with her at least two kilos of cocaine

 Ovidio también ordenó a gobierno de AMLO liberar a su novia en el AICM, aseguran
A week after the ‘Culiacanazo’, according to national security sources, Ovidio,  the son of “El Chapo” gave the demand to the command at the AICM to free the detained woman. Ovid Guzmán López , aka El Raton , the son of the  drug trafficker ,  Joaquín  “ e l Chapo” Guzmán , former leader of  the Sinaloa Cartel  (CDS) ordered the release of his girlfriend who had been arrested at the International Airport of the City of Mexico (AICM) one week after the failed operation where he himself was released after being captured.

This was revealed by the La Silla Rota portal , which cites sources of national security of the government of President  Andrés Manuel López Obrador , of which they did not reveal their identity, indicate that they had contact with  Ovidio once again  after elements of security stopped  a woman from a flight in South America that was destined for the city of Culiacán, the operation center of the  Sinaloa Cartel , which quotes national security sources from the government , indicated  that they had contact with  Ovidio again after security elements carried out an investigation of a woman from a South American flight.

When performing the inspection through the scanners, the elements of the National Migration Institute (INM) and the Federal Police (PF) detected a surprise.
The person, who failed to give her name, had clothes impregnated with at least two kilos of cocaine, according to the sources consulted. Upon being discovered in the review area, the person asked to make a call.
The woman, who apparently is Ovidio’s girlfriend,  was discovered having the cocaine during the area of ​​assessment.  The woman asked to make a call which connected her to Ovidio Guzmán López, who gave the order to the airport security personnel  to release her because she was his “girlfriend ”.
The sources consulted did not detail the way in which the release was carried out.
The staff consulted mentioned that protocol is supposed to be followed once a risk situation is detected, the elements that made the arrest must notify the FGR and Interpol to verify if there is an international criminal record on the basis of the Single Criminal Investigation System (SUIC).
Failure to do so violates the action protocols.
In recent years, the federal government has initiated different methods of  investigations, and has even changed personnel assigned to the AICM because of different allegations of corruption inside the airport.
The federal zone is known as one of the main transfer points of different cartels that enter cocaine, weapons, clothing, as well as undocumented through international flights that are destined, mainly Mexico City, border states, the United States, as well as different parts of the world.
Corruption within the AICM has resulted in the death of people working in the customs area. Also a shooting in June 2012 in which three elements of the Federal Police died.

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