Narco Corrido Singer “Beto Trejo” Killed in Front of his Family w VIDEO

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Yesterday afternoon, Roberto Domínguez Trejo, better known as “Beto Trejo”, vocalist of the band “Los Hijos del Cartel”, was executed in Tijuana, Baja California.
For decades, in Mexico and the United States there have been many musical performers and composers who have written or sung dedicated drug traffickers. Currently the purpose of narcocorridos is to celebrate the exploits and massacres of the heads of criminal groups, or to send messages to rival groups.
The world of music in Mexico experienced a new murder. Tuesday afternoon on August 13, was killed Roberto Domínguez Trejo , lead singer of the band of narco-corridos “Los Hijos del Cartel”.  VIDEO on next page.

Information obtained by ZETA reports that at around 3:19 p.m., the victim arrived in a black Eclipse  vehicle,  at  a Chevron station, located on Walnut Street, with the intention of buying fuel, when he was shot at close range by a unknown subject. He was with his wife and baby at the time who were unharmed during the attack.

After the attack, elements of the Municipal Police and Red Cross lifeguards arrived at the site, who reviewed the injured person, but he no longer had vital signs.

Nothing is known about the material perpetrator of the crime who arrived in a black Camaro vehicle, without a word, shot “Beto Trejo” in the head, then fled.
Hours before his murder, the group released a video on his Facebook account to announce his next presentation that would take place on August 31 in a known place in the Rio Tijuana Zone.

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It transpired that “Los Hijos del Cartel” compose corridos that allude to “characters” of two opposite cartels.  So far, no detainees related to the murder of the 25-year-old singer have been reported.

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