Mexico Finally sells “Titanic Watch” Seized from El Coss

Latin America

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat thank you LeChef from DDG

This Sunday, after several years of it being among the goods seized from narcos, the Government of Mexico was able to auction the watch found made with remains of the Titanic that was taken from the bloody narco Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez, former leader of the Gulf Cartel.
The watch was designed by the  Swiss house Romain Jerome that is recognized among all those fine watch collectors . The reason is simple, it has a unique concept that is summed up in four words: «DNA of famous legends».
The jewels of this house really are part of the story because they are inspired by it and are made with unique materials and the Titanic DNA is an example of this, as they are watches that contain parts of the ship that sank in 1912 and fused it with the steel with which they made the new gold and platinum relics.

Carbon from the Titanic pieces was also used to create the dial painting and the design of the hands is inspired by the anchor of the ocean liner. The result was a limited edition of 2,012 pieces whose value ranged from 90,000 pesos to 2,000,000 and had a special diamond-encrusted model.  
One of those special watches came to the hands of drug trafficker  Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez, “El Coss,” who at one time was the top leader of the Gulf Cartel after Osiel Cárdenas was captured.
During his time at the head of the criminal group he commanded drug trafficking, kidnapping, human trafficking and money laundering. Among the bloodiest events attributed to him, the murder of Rodolfo Torre Cantú, candidate for the governorship of Tamaulipas, stands out.
El Coss
According to an investigation made by the former Attorney General’s Office (PGR) and the Administration for Drug Control (DEA), it was ” El Coss” who ordered the murder after the candidate allegedly refused to protect the investments that allowed money laundering  coming from the cartel.
In September 2012, the Mexican narco was arrested by members of the navy in Tamaulipas. On the day of his capture, the authorities secured; two gold chains; a ring; a fang-shaped pendant; two coins, one of them in reference to John Paul II; and two gold-plated firearms; one inlaid with diamonds and another adorned with an eagle.
Agents also secured 14 luxury watches, including a Rolex, a Ulysse and a Montblanc. However, on that occasion the star artifact was the watch of the Titanic-ADN collection.
It took the Mexican government seven years to auction off the seized watch. However, Sunday, July 28, the Property Administration and Disposal Service (SAE) auctioned 148 pieces of jewelry; among them the precious watch with remains of the Titanic.
The Executive Director of commercialization of goods and real estate of the SAE informed that the Romain Jerome men’s watch had been manufactured with extruded metal from the sunken ship and had a titanium steel case and a black rubber pulse with 64 embedded diamonds. It was sold for almost 200,000 pesos. [only 10,360 USD]

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