M1, El Carrete and El Fantasma publicized narco manta

Latin America
This weekend a statement was given in the Sierra de Guerrero state, where El Carrete was captured. Allegedly his armed wing Juan Castillo Gomez, El Teniente has been killed. However, his death is being doubted by his adversaries. If so, he could very well be living up to his Ghost moniker. His death hasn’t yet been confirmed. Which leaves open the possibility that he’s still alive. 
The message is addressed to the opposing group who cornered the self named El Señor de Los Caballos in the municipality of Leonardo Bravo, Guerrero. They played a role in his arrest:
Manta reads as follows:

Salvador Alanís, you fucking faggot ass backstabbing jerk off piece of shit! This is how you pay us? After we gave you a hand  so that you could free the passageway from Filo de Caballos to Tlacotepec from the Cartel del Sur. 
It seems like now you’ve forgotten, could be you’re playing dumbass, or that tractor trailer thief has finally met your price. You lazy fuck! You really fucked up. Now you’re accusing us of having instigated that conflict by making shit up that has nothing to do with the truth. 
You know damn well that this rupture that has taken place is the end result of you and your people having aligned yourselves to Cartel del Sur. Among them are El Guacho, La Cabra, La Mina, and that faggot Jaleaco. The only one you’re missing is El Robatrailers (The Tractor Trailer Thief). 
Have the nuts to be brave about it Cocho. And make known the truth on your stank ass web pages. 
Only you and your dumbass followers believe your bullshit. Everyone from the sierra is well informed of the actual truth. And how shit really went down. 
You are gravely mistaken if you think this shit will end like this. This shit has just begun. Let it be made clear to you. That when there’s a verbal agreement on something there’s no room for bullshit. Because you have the balls to keep your word. 
And you Nencho, you allowed this dumbass to brainwash you. Let it be made clear that you will be manipulated. 
For the time being there are many of us who have united to fuck you all up. As well as those left over from Cartel del Sur. 
Let it be made clear that from now on all the chaos that follows. Will be because you couldn’t keep the agreements we made.
Sincerely, El M1, El Carrete, and El Fantasma
Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT

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