Letter: Defense of the University of Utah’s actions doesn’t sit well

USA Utah News

I usually enjoy and agree with Don Gale’s commentary. And while I agree that there are many factors which contributed to the three University of Utah student deaths in the last two years, his defense of the university’s actions in the McCluskey case doesn’t sit well.

In 1972 when I was fulfilling my work-study hours alone, in the evening, at the Weber State social work department, I was approached by a man who grabbed at my body and announced his foul intention. I was terrified and could barely speak but asked him to go away. He did so primarily because he could hear night school classes down the hall.

I called campus police and two officers met with me within five minutes of my call. They brought suspect pictures and stayed with me until my husband arrived. They advised me to lock doors when working alone and to call them for escort to my car in the future. Bottom line, they responded with genuine concern and good advice.

If the university police cannot act with this level of concern for students, then the force should be eliminated and the job given to Salt Lake City officers.

Christine B. Helfrich, Millcreek

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