La Barredora immolate an individual in Sonora

Latin America
Manta reads as follows:

Warning: People of Caborca, Altar and Pitiquito. This is the second and last warning. We

tried to be at peace after we were offered a peace agreement.
But a few days later that arrangement wasn’t respected. We repeat, this war is not against you: Mexican Army, National Guard, Federal Police, State Police, and Municipal Police. This war will continue against the people of Altar. And this will not stop. For all those who collaborate with the people from Altar : Leave town before we come for you. Each of you is on our blacklist! We don’t want any taxi or public service transportation coming from Altar to Caborca. We don’t want anyone coming to do money movements in the Coppel stores either. We have everything well monitored.  Sincerely, La Barredora At the command 24/7
Video translation is as follows:

Captive: I already told you fools the truth. Don’t be cruel. Please. 
Sicario: So, there you were faggot with the people from Altar. 
Captive: Please sir. (After having been lit on fire he’s begging for his life)  Sicario: So, there you were with those from Altar you piece of shit.

WARNING video is of burning a man alive

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