Get an email from ‘Sheriff Rosie Rivera’? It’s probably a scam, Salt Lake County police say.

USA Utah News

The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office issued a news release Sunday about a scam that’s going around and offers some helpful tips on how to not fall victim to it.

The scam involves an email that uses the name Sheriff Rosie Rivera as the sender and asks the recipient if they are available for a phone call or other assistance. If the recipient of the email then responds to it, they will receive a request for gift cards.

The news release makes it clear that neither Sheriff Rosie Rivera, the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office nor the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake City will ever call or email requesting money.

One way individuals can tell whether the email they received is a scam email is to check who it is from. A scam email will be from a Gmail address, not one from the sheriff’s office, which would be from an address ending in or

The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office says that if you receive any suspicious emails or calls from someone claiming to represent the sheriff’s office and asking for money, do not respond. Do not, “under any circumstances,” buy gift cards and give the numbers of those cards to anyone through email or over the phone.

Police departments do not utilize gift cards for payments of any type, the news release says. If you receive one of these emails, contact police and report the scam.

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