DEA / CBP Busts CDS Cell in Arizona

Latin America

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio

An investigation started in January led to the arrest of three members of the Sinaloa cartel, residents of the state of Arizona , judicial sources reported. 

The detainees are Carlos Armando Pérez Gutiérrez , 38, Alfredo Ríos , 44, and Iván Garduño Valencia , 35, who operated in Mesa (Arizona), according to the investigation coordinated by the DEA with the Scottsdale police (Arizona). 

The criminal organization imported cocaine , methamphetamine, heroin and pills with fentanyl from Mexico and exported the money obtained from the sale of illegal drugs across the border , according to court documents.

Agents spent months monitoring the homes and hiding places of the organization, as well as intercepting encrypted communications. 

According to court documents, drugs were sent to Las Vegas (Nevada), as well as to Colorado, Texas and other states of the United States. During the investigation, the agents seized more than $ 200,000 in prohibited drugs and intercepted more than $ 75,000 in cash. 

“We were able to identify and arrest a boss, another leader, as well as a retail merchant. So those are three people in the hierarchy that we could eliminate in such a short time,” said Erica Curry, a spokeswoman for the Arizona DEA. 

The three men have been detained since Thursday with cash bonds of $ 250,000 on charges of selling narcotics , money laundering, aggravated assault and gun misconduct. 

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