Chiapas: Mexican Marines Sieze 1.2 Tons of Cocaine ; Army Gets 450 Kilos

Latin America

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Mexican marines seized 1.2 tons of cocaine off the coast of the southeastern state of Chiapas, a report released Saturday by the Ministry of Navy said, reports Reuters.

The seizure took place on Friday after the marines detected through intelligence work a small boat in the Pacific waters, some 139 kilometers northeast from Port Chiapas, located near the Mexican border with Guatemala.

The authorities said that the smugglers threw 38 bags of cocaine into the sea, however, the marines were able to retrieve them.      Seven people were arrested in connection with the case.

Friday’s seizure was the second operation of its kind in the south of Mexico in less than a week.

On Monday, the Army intercepted an aircraft carrying 450 kilograms of cocaine in a coastal city in Chiapas. The cocaine that Mexico seizes on its territory often comes from South American cartels, according to the ministry.

The Secretary of the Navy seized 1,200 kilograms of cocaine that was transported aboard a vessel at the height of Puerto Madero, on the coast of Chiapas. In this operation carried out by elements of the Coast Guard belonging to the Secretariat of the Navy , in cooperation with the Ministry of National Defense and the Navy of Colombia, it secured the assurance of 38 packages, containing approximately 1.2 tons of drugs inside , as well as a smaller vessel and the arrest of seven suspected drug traffickers. 
This action was carried out through the patrol of maritime and air surveillance, in which a Persuader-type aircraft, an MI-17 helicopter, an Ocean Patrol and an Interceptor Patrol of the Mexican Navy participated, which allowed to identify a vessel with two outboard motors moving at high speed suspiciously. 
An aircraft, a helicopter and two oceanic patrol vessels were used in the operation, according to the report. A video released by the ministry showed marines rope-landing in the boat from a helicopter.
The alleged drug traffickers, when they were surprised, threw packages into the sea, however, the boat was reached by the sailors and the drug recovered. A week ago, members of the Mexican Army secured an aircraft carrying almost half a ton of cocaine, valued at more than five million dollars, in the municipality of Pijijiapan, on the coast of Chiapas. Separate Post coming on that.

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