CDN: Tropa del Infierno Leave Manta And Dismembered Man

Latin America
Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas – Images of a manta and a dismembered man have surfaced online today. The Tropa del Infierno cell left a corpse and a manta where they announced their presence in the Mexican town of Ciudad Victoria. In their message for the masses they warn their rivals of the fate that awaits them should they refuse to align themselves with their cartel.
Manta reads as follows: 
From CDN to the whole gang of dumb asses who work for those whores the Golfas. Or whatever it is that you call yourselves, the so called X’s, Panchas, and the Mencha’s from CJNG. Don’t bother thinking that you’re going to conquer the world. Because like this dumb ass Cesarin this will be your fate. Stop poisoning the population with Mencha’s crystal meth. The purge continues. So it’s best that you align yourselves with us: Illegal storefronts that sell drugs, crystal meth heads, illegal tariff collectors, and the so called Netflix bodyguards. Join our gang otherwise you will all end up sucking dick like this dumb ass.
Warning Extremely Graphic Images Below

The Viky (Ciudad Victoria) plaza has always had its owner. And that is CDN. We don’t charge or extort the population. All the thieves, extortionists and illegal tariff collectors be fucking ready because I’m coming for every one of you. The purge continues. And we will continue fucking everyone up. Sincerely, Tropa del Infierno CDN We Have Arrived
Sol Prendido Borderland Beat SOURCE

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