Cd. Juarez: 4 “Mexicles” Arrested for Burning Vehicles; Pay: a Few Grams Of Crystal Meth

Latin America

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ElDebate

            4 alleged “Mexicles” are arrested for burning trucks in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

Allegedly the criminals confessed to belong to the “Mexicles” and that as payment for burning the vehicles had received several grams of crystal meth.

The detainees were identified as: César Alejandro RE, Javier Alejandro BM, Jesús Antonio BM, and Marco Antonio HH, all were captured after agents implemented an operation to find the location of those responsible for acts of vandalism that has raged over the City.

The four individuals were arrested at the Battle Crossing of Casa Blanca de Zarca, of Colonia Kilometer 29 , the subjects seeing the presence of the Municipal Police patrols tried to escape and physically and verbally attack the uniformed, however they were captured.

The four members of the aforementioned criminal cell were consigned to the corresponding authority for being the alleged perpetrators in the commission of the crime of disobedience and resistance of arrest and the case will be investigated.

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